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Assassin Sierra

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SIERRA features the latest High Modulas Carbon technology making them by far the lightest shoregame fishing rods available today. Nano Resin Tech blank with SLIT Reinforcement results in an immensely strong blank with a tremendous action.

SIERRA has been designed for the specialist shore game angler who demands the best - top quality Fuji winch, tangle free tip, comfortable sculpted EVA grips and a high quality zip up carry case. Unrivaled quality.

AS11-H PE 1.2 - 2 (15lb - 30lb) 1oz - 2oz (28g-56g)  2pc
AS11-XH PE 2 - 3 (30lb - 40lb) 1oz - 3oz (28g-84g)   2pc
AS11-2XH  PE 2 - 4 (25lb - 50lb)  2oz - 4oz (56g-112g) 2pc


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