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Majorcraft BassPara X

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The Majorcraft BassPara X series of rods are a fantastic option for angglers looking to get into fishing and step up to a graphite lure casting option. These rods are extremely light weight in the hand which makes them perfect for targeting species such as bream, flathead and trout. Majorcraft BassPara X rods feature fuji components.

MCBXS-632UL 6'3" 2pc 3-7lb 1 / 32-1 / 4oz
MCBXS-632L 6'3" 2pc 4-8lb 1/16-1/4oz
MCBXS-632ML 6'3" 2pc 5-10lb 1/8-3/8oz
MCBXS-662UL 6'6" 2pc 3-7lb 1/32-1/4oz
MCBXS-662L 6'6" 2pc 4-8lb 1/16-1/4oz
MCBXS-662M 6'6" 2pc 5-10lb 1/8-3/8oz
MCBXS-702ML 7'0" 2pc 5-10lb 1/8-3 8oz

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