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Vexed Cray Lord Bundle Packs - Tackle West

Vexed Cray Lord Bundle Packs

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Packs include 1x each colour of the range

The VEXED Cray Lord has been specifically designed to be a "Big Dhuie" catcher! It imitate's a soft and vulnerable melting rock lobster, which happens to be the preferred food source of every demersal species that hunt the reefs of Australia. The Vexed Cray Lord is made from the softest, stretchiest yet most durable "Stretch Flex" technology plastic. The Vexed Cray Lord has been designed to have the highest and most intense glow and UV possible. Matched with a whopping big thumping tail that vibrates through the water, the Vexed Cray Lord will be calling out to the big ones from caves away! 

Look out for he super luminous "Vexed Cray Lord Jig Head" which has been specifically designed to match he shape and colour of this Cray Lord soft plastic. Available in 100g, 150g, 200g & 300g 

Molting Orange & Molting Pink come in a mix pack to represent the cycle of the molting crayfish. 

4" 5" 6" 7"
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