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MUTHOS series of rods are designed to catch huge target fish from shore. Targets can be Yellowtail, Kingfish, Tuna, GT, Grouper, Bonito, etc.
After years of testing in the field, each model has been designed with the perfect balance of power and sharpness that will definitely give you feel confidence and reliable feeling. That is MUTHOS.



Sonio 100M

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 10-100g(Jig) 10-70g(Plug) / PE Line: #1~3
Its usability is as if it’s a medium class spinning rod with sensitive and soft tip which even controls 10g lures.  However, when fish is on, it shows exceptional power of a true rockshore rod to fight against big targets.  Dream rod “MUTHOS Sonio 100M” debut.
Fish Photos  Casting Curve
movie Rod Description - MUTHOS Sonio 100M by Markos Vidalis (12:07)


Sonio 100M  -  RG model

Sonio 100M  -  K guide model




MUTHOS  Accura

This high performance all-round rod will break through the standard.
Nowadays, many types of fishing method has kept on developing (using big popper, diving pencil, and so on), and a size of target fish gets bigger and bigger.
This rod is to enable several different way of shore jigging with one rod.
History(2014 MUTHOS Accura)
movie Accura - PV (2:05)   movie Accura - Rod Power (4:21 Japanese)   movie Accura - Each section (3:55 Japanese)
movie Accura 100H (RG) - Actual fishing (4:37 Japanese)   movie Accura 100H (RG) - Castability (3:49 Japanese)   movie Difference Accura and Duro (4:40)
 MUTHOS Accura Special Site


Accura 100H

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 30-200g(Jig) 30-120g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX#5
Accura100H enables to control very wide lure weight range and lure types (Jig, Popper Plug, Diving pencil Plug, etc), and its rod power is equal to an existing model of 100HH. Accura100H is a real high spec all-round rod which keeps giving adequate pressure to fish with minimum tiredness.
Fish Photos Casting Curve Movies


Accura 100H RG model

Accura 100H K-guide model


Accura 100HH

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 60-230g(Jig) 40-150g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX#6
From light lures which matches with an existing model 100H to jigs of over 200g can be controlled without any anxiety. While fighting, it shows its high power ranks with an existing model 100HHH. Accura100HH is the super versatile rod that is highly evolved and leads a new style of shore jigging.
Fish Photos Casting Curve Movies


Accura 100HH RG model

Accura 100HH K-guide model



Duro series is designed for the experts. Rod action became sharper.
Duro is developed focused on the concepts of [Casting capability, Lure controllability, and Fight control]. Its blank with high elasticity will overcome various difficult situations.
movie Duro series (4:41 Japanese) movie Hexagon front grip - Practice (2:59 Japanese) movie Difference Accura and Duro (4:40)


Duro 100H

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 40-180g / PE Line: MAX#5
DURO 100H is designed for the expert angler who has more muscle. DURO 100H's sharp blank made by high elastic carbon material makes casting 50~140g jigs a cinch even in the harshest of weather conditions, strong winds, etc. Also, it gives faster jig action in deepwater or strong current.
movie Rod Description (3:08 Japanese)  movie DM-Duro100H RG - Practice (6:34 Japanese)


Duro 100H K-guide model

Duro 100H RG model


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My go to tackle shop in perth. These guys have all your fishing gear from low budget to high end gear and tackle. They have you covered.Also lots of info on where to fish and how to fish the west coast from Exmouth to Esperance offshore and land base which is why i love these guys. Go and check them out! You wont regret it.


Great service and fantastic range of fishing gear. Got some great local knowledge from true professionals who really knew a lot about what I was going for. Even let me in on a couple of secret spots which delivered some cracking fish. Thanks guys, will be back soon!

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