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Zenaq Snipe Series

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SNIPE is based on high elastic carbon material which makes rods very light, sharp and sensitive. An exquisite tip section and a strong butt section are its feature. This all-round fast tapered action enables to control many different kinds of lures.


Length: 7'6" / Lure: 4-21g / PE Line: MAX#1.5
S76X gives sharp lure action by its soft tip and strong butt and its best for capturing small and medium class fish technically. Its high elastic rod character enlarges its sensitivity, and you won’t miss small signs from water.

SNIPE S76X K-guide model


Length: 7'8" / Lure: 6-35g / PE Line: MAX#2
This model is for challenging big target by using heavy weight lure. Comparing to S76X, it has higher elasticity butt and higher torque. Due to lure range and field choice are widen, a chance to get a big fish has increased.

S78XX RG-guide model

S78XX K-guide model


S86XX Longcast

Length: 8'6" / Lure: 8-40g / PE Line: MAX#2
The biggest features of SNIPE S86XX are long casting ability and its high-power blank.
A combination of rod length 8feet 6inchi and its rod action performs stable long casting which enables to search wider range than before. A strong butt with high elasticity gives you the initiative in fight against a big target, and moderate soft-tip directs good lure action and decline a number of hook-out.
It is the new standard versatile rod which can capture unreached area.

S86XX RG-guide model

S86XX K-guide model



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