Our guide to catching BIG BREAM - Part 2

Our guide to catching BIG BREAM - Part 2

Refining your gear and tactics is essential to becoming a better angler and increasing your catch or big bream. In part two of our bream series we take a look at the the different braid and leader options on the market today and what is best suited. Having your rod and reel setup correctly with the right line and leader will make a huge difference in the amount of fish you catch.

Gear we recommend below


Daiwa J Braid X8 & X4, Nomad Panderra LS, Majorcraft Dangan, Varivas Light Game, Varivas Egi Max, Sunlike Siglonn X4 & X8, Sunline Castaway

FC line:

Daiwa J Thread FC, Sunlike FC Sniper


Daiwa X-Link FC, Daiwa J Thread FC, Varivas Light Game FC, Yamatoyo Chinu Harris