Fishing Rods

Enhance your angling experience with TackleWest's range of fishing rods. With exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, our light tackle rods, offshore rods, surf/beach rods and electric rods will ensure optimal performance and durability for years to come. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just beginning, our knowledgeable team is ready to help you find the best fishing rod online or in-store today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of fishing rods does TackleWest stock?

TackleWest stores stock a wide range of fishing rods, from light tackle rods to heavy-duty, deep-sea rods. We have something for every angler out there.

  • Electric Fishing Rods: Electric Fishing rods are usually designed to be paired with electric fishing reels. These powerful rods blend performance and value, giving you more success in Australia's wild oceans. Electric rods are effective when used in a rod holder against heavier catches, as their design helps to minimise the risk of pulling hooks or complete power loss during a tough fight.

  • Fly Fishing Rods: Fly fishing rods are much lighter and thinner than regular fishing rods, and use a fly line to cast rather than traditional casting. These rods come in many different weights depending on the type and weight of the fish you're targeting.

  • Game Fishing Rods: Game fishing rods are designed specifically for sport fishing those larger, stronger fish species prized for their size and fighting ability. These rods are significantly tougher, constructed to withstand both saltwater and freshwater environments, maximise grip against hard-pulling fish, and support the weight of the catch.

  • Light Tackle Fishing Rods: Light fishing rods are the best option for anglers looking to target more lightweight fish species. These rods are typically shorter and lack the stiffness necessary for hooking heftier catches such as bream or bass but are incredibly lightweight and responsive in hand. This makes them perfect for smaller catches such as trout, bass, and panfish.

  • Offshore Fishing Rods: Offshore fishing rods are designed for use on boats and are made of heavy-duty, solid, and durable materials like graphite and fiberglass. They are much more flexible than other types of rods and tend to be shorter, so you can hook that monster from the depths with ease.

  • Surf & Beach Fishing Rods: Surf fishing rods are made for those of you that prefer to cast a line, settle into your favourite beach chair, and wait for the action to come to you. These fishing rods tend to be the longest and heaviest of all types and can cast very long distances. The length and weight help to provide support when reeling in fish from long distances, and are a great way to get your bait or lure over the waves and straight into the action.

  • Travel Fishing Rods: Travel fishing rods are a great option for the traveling angler. These rods are designed to be used in a multitude of environments, from canoeing down rivers to trekking off the beaten path to fish the most remote species out there. Also called telescopic rods, travel rods are compact in design and easily fit into backpacks, small suitcases, and even the boot of your car, allowing you to pack lighter, travel further, and hook more fish.

What kind of fishing rod is best for fishing?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this one as it all depends on a range of different factors. We recommend finding a rod that aligns with the kind of fishing you are doing. Whether you need a faster and lighter rod for some quick catches or need a heavier, more powerful rod to haul your catch from the depths will change what kind of fishing rod, reel, line, and lure you will require. Visit us in-store or contact us if you need advice, our friendly team is happy to help you find the perfect rod for your next fishing adventure.

What kind of fishing gear do I need for my fishing rod?

These are just a few of the must-have fishing gear to get you ready for your next adventure:

  • Fishing Reel: This entirely depends on your chosen rod. Contact us today or visit us in-store to see our full range of fishing reels and get advice on choosing your next fishing reel.

  • Fishing Lures: We provide a wide range of pre-rigged lures for easy fishing. No matter if you prefer metal or plastic lures, we help save you valuable time and effort out on the water.

What brands does TackleWest stock?

We are proud to offer a huge range of both local and worldwide fishing brands, such as Daiwa, Nomad, Vexed, Assassin, Majorcraft, Millerod, and many other popular fishing brands.

What other types of fishing gear can I find at TackleWest?

We stock a massive range of fishing rods, gear, equipment, and accessories. Whether you're in the market for a new reel or just after some terminal tackle, visit us before your next fishing adventure and see our range for yourself.

Have a question or need advice for your next fishing adventure?

If you have an unanswered question or need some friendly advice for your next fishing trip, contact us today or visit us in-store.