The BIGGEST Black Bream I've ever seen!

The BIGGEST Black Bream I've ever seen!

We have just returned from an epic trip chasing Black Bream in the Deep South of Western Australia. The timing of the trip couldn't have been better with great weather and absolutely top class fishing with 100's of bream caught on lures. We spent a lot of time fishing shallow flats and the new Daiwa Sazanami 60SP lure was a standout, allowing us to effectively fish the shallow water. Stay tuned for more vids to come

Gear used

Rods Daiwa Infeet EX 722, 752

Reels Daiwa TD Black 2500S

Daiwa Revelry 2000S & 2500S

Daiwa Sazanami 60SP

Daiwa Double Clutch 48SP