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Assassin EDGE II

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The Assassin EDGE II rods offer incredible value for money with class leading performance blanks. They feature stainless steel guides guides that are suitable for both mono line and braided lines. These are a great series of rods for fishing in estuaries and lakes for a range of species. 

AED66S2ML 6'6" 4lb – 8lb  ⅛oz – ⅜oz  2pc
AED66S2M 6'6" 6lb – 10lb ¼oz – ½oz 2pc
AED7S2ML 7' 4lb – 8lb ⅛oz – ⅜oz 2pc
AED7S2M 7' 6lb – 10lb ¼oz – ½oz 2pc
AED7S2MH 7' 8lb – 12lb ¼oz – ¾oz 2pc 
AED7S2H 7' 8lb – 15lb  ¼oz – 1oz 2pc

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