ASWB Rukus 1pc Series - TackleWest
ASWB Rukus 1pc Series - TackleWest

ASWB Rukus 1pc Series

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The Rukus range of spin rods are built with a fast tapered blank, this gives the rod a nice sensitive light tip into a super powerful butt. The light tip is great for casting light lures at big fish as well as being perfect for flicking plastics, hopping vibes, twitching unweighted frogs and light minnows. the bottom end of these rods is very impressive, it helps a lot when trying to steer a fish from snags or stopping them from from heading back into the reef.

Excellent versatile rods covering many different techniques and fish species. Barramuni in the dams and creeks, flathead, big black jewfish and mullaway, snapper, coral trout or small trevally and tuna the Rukus range will do it all.

IPR661SP 6'6" 8-17lb 5-20g Cast
IPR702SP 7"  10-20lb 7-30g Cast

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