Daiwa Infeet Sazanami 60SP

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The INFEET SAZANAMI 60SP is a shallow running suspending jerkbait perfectly suited to targeting the shallow waters of our lakes and rivers.

Measuring 60mm long and weighing 3.5g, the INFEET SAZANAMI suspends in freshwater and floats very slowly in saltwater. Diving to a max depth of 4ft, the INFEET SAZANAMI is the go-to choice when fishing super skinny water for predatory species like Bream, Whiting, Flathead and Bass.

It’s slim body profile and short bib combined with Daiwa’s S-GOS (Silent Gravity Oscillation System) weight transfer system to produce a truly un-matched darting action. The S-GOS system also enables SAZANAMI to cast long distances, converting more bites from spooky fish in shallow water.

This system, made famous by Daiwa’s Double Clutch shifts the centre of gravity of the lure on every movement, creating a truly unpredictable action. Featuring strong rings and BKK SPEAR 21SS treble hooks SAZANAMI is ready to fish straight out of the packet and comes in a variety of colours to suit a host of species and locations.


60mm - 3.5g - Suspending 

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