Daiwa Infeet Slippery Dog 97

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If you love topwater fishing then the Daiwa Slippery Dog 97 lure is a must have stickbait for your box!

The Daiwa Slippery Dog 97F features tungsten weighting, improving the posture of the lure in the water and drastically improving the lure’s responsiveness when retrieved.

A lure that works great with a walk the dog retrieve, Daiwa’s Slippery Dog 97F is the perfect prawn and baitfish imitation. The TG tune models feature 2 small rattle beads placed in the head of each lure, emulating the clicking sound of fleeing prawns on the surface.

Measuring at 97mm it is the perfect length for estuarine and inshore environments encountered by keen light-tackle anglers across Australia.

Each Slippery Dog comes fitted with strong rings and BKK Fangs treble hooks ready to fish straight out of the box.

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