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Daiwa Infeet Z - TackleWest

Daiwa 20 Infeet Z

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INFEET Z is the middle tier in the INFEET family, and perfectly combines some historic Daiwa design with the most advanced materials to produce a truly outstanding finesse rod series.

Six models encompass the INFEET Z range and the first thing you’ll notice is the traditional ‘Heartland’ style reel seat. This is indeed a brand-new Air Sensor design which utilizes the latest in carbon infused resin materials to produce a reel seat which is hollow in construction yet incredibly durable, resulting in one of the lightest reel seats on the market. INFEET Z’s blank construction utilizes the latest in Daiwa’s X45 technology, X45X Full Shield is applied to the butt section of the rod, increasing torsional stiffness and improving blank recovery.

A combination of Fuji stainless steel SiC guides on the butt section of the rod, and Fuji Titanium SiC guides on the tip, makes INFEET Z rods feel responsive, crisp and an absolute joy to use.


641LFS- The 641LFS was the result of Daiwa angler Kris Hickson’s love affair with tight-cover fishing. At 6’4” in length, this rod excels in tight cover where accurate casts and maneuverability are paramount.

681LFS- The 681LFS is slightly softer than the shorter 641LFS and is more suited to floating structure like boats & jetties. The 6’8” length is the perfect length for underhand skip casting from the front decks of boats and is equally at home walking the banks of small creeks for bass or trout.

702LRS- Every good range needs an allrounder and the 702LRS is just that. The perfect blend of power and precision, this model can do it all. A progres- sive taper is your friend when fishing treble hooked baits.

732LFS- The ultimate plastics rod. Whether it’s a grub or minnow, the 732LFS is the best choice. A fast responsive tip for precise twitches and extra length to take up slack on a strike. This is every plastics angler’s dream.

742ULRS- A long-casting crankbait angler’s dream, the 742ULRS is one
of our Daiwa team’s favourite models. An ultralight regular taper action is perfect for small light crankbaits and the use of titanium framed tip guides means this ultralight rod doesn’t feel like a noodle.

782LFS- A rod made famous by Steve Morgan and the Cranka Crab, the 782LFS is the second generation of ‘Crab Rod’ from Daiwa. Modelled off the original 782 Gekkabjin rod, the INFEET 782LFS improves upon the original by reducing the handle length, making it less cumbersome to impart action to your lure.

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