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Halco Pre Straightened Wire - TackleWest

Halco Pre Straightened Wire

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Halco’s premium USA quality pre straightened stainless wire comes in a 15m length and has 8 varying wire sizes to choose from. This corrosion resistant leader wire is ideal for tough fishing conditions where a strong, thin wire trace is required. Ideal for trolling, Halco’s Pre Straightened Stainless Wire is flexible, strong, and abrasion-resistant.

Pre straightened wire can be used to prepare rigs or leaders. It is especially strong and will not curl to alter the natural action of your lure when trolling. If targeting sharks like the Mako, or other sharp toothed predators, a sturdy wire trace is compulsory. There’s noting worse than losing lures, so make sure to have some of Halco’s USA quality, pre straightened stainless wire on hand.

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