Hayabusa Jack Eye Ace 20g

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Something brand new in concept and design. The Hayabusa Jack Eye Ace jig is exactly what its name implies: an ace up our sleeve, for these difficult fishing days. Between connoisseurs, this means only one thing: if there are fishes and they strike on nothing, then it is time to reach for the Ace card. Even at first glance, we realize that this jig is unusual and it introduces a new era in metallic lures. Its multifaceted shape can reflect ample light at every flicker and movement. Its weight distribution can be considered somewhere between centre weighed and back weighted, in a way that allows the jig to share virtues from both types of weight distribution. It is rigged with a heavy-duty saltwater treble hook and with a formidable Hayabusa assist hook, with extra-long, reaction tinsels

It is a jig that has both long-distance casting performance and appealing power. Flying distance is one of the greatest advantages in shore jigging.

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