Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin 7g
Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin 7g
Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin 7g
Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin 7g
Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin 7g

Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin 7g

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The Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin is a super versatile, Light Jig that can target a wide range of species with its slow fall action. It addresses the needs of Light and Hard Rock Fishing enthusiasts.

The Hirarin is a Light Slow jig that can unlock difficult species such as the White Sea Bream, Saddled Sea Breams and the Gildhead Seabreams. The extremely small body of the Hirarin produces a slow falling motion and appeals to weary fish, in the low activity zone of the water column, or during daytime when activity drops.

The making of the Hayabusa Hirarin addresses the design standards of a Slow jig. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer has achieved - relative to its volume - a beautiful and playful descent towards the bottom. At the same time Hayabusa managed to maintain intact a very important characteristic : the stability of this jig against adverse weather conditions and intensive waves.

The fluttering motion of the Hayabusa Hirarin exposes each time a different side of the jig and the different colors alternate, creating a visual change that induces bites. In addition, the dual coloring enhances  visibility.

In its casting properties, the Hayabusa Hirahim simply excels. But the magic of this lure starts when it reaches the desired depth and we commence our rod work. Its different sides, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of colouring, produce a totally random movement, while its Slow character takes over in between pauses, sinking the jig with a relatively aggressive rolling action.

The attention in each detail that Hayabusa has achieved in the FS435 jigs is amazing. Pay attention to the golden, double, Micro Assist Hooks, decorated with shiny tinsels and the glowing elements in their junction. For species such as the Gildhead Seabream and the Saddled Seabream we advise to add a treble hook, which will not inhibit the lures motion.

All in all the Hayabusa Hirarin is an easy to operate jig.

The slow falling motion retains the jig longer in low activity zones use your mouth even in a bitter situation.

Front and back reversible colours, create a unique visual effect.

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