Imakatsu Riprizer 60
Imakatsu Riprizer 60
Imakatsu Riprizer 60
Imakatsu Riprizer 60

Imakatsu Riprizer 60

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The Riprizer is a small profile shallow jerkbait perfectly suited to many Australian species. The uniquely shaped bib produces an amazing amount of body roll and sideways movement on a straight retrieve. Utilizing a twitching retrieve is what really makes this lure shine! Watch as the Riprizer jerks erratically from side to side and pause the lure to see it suspend in the strikezone. Ultra realistic colours and an incredible action make this a must have for any avid Bream or Bass fisherman

  • The unique shallow dimple bib design gives an incredible action on either a straight retrieve or twitch
  • Incredibly lifelike colours thanks to internal prism and foil panels make this one of the most lifelike small jerkbaits on the market
  • The body profile of the Riprizer 60 perfectly matches many of our natural baitfish. Long casting, excellent actions and realistic colours have made this an excellent choice for Southern Black Bream and Australian Bass
60mm 4.6g   Suspending

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