Jackall Bambluz Jig SLOW
Jackall Bambluz Jig SLOW

Jackall Bambluz Jig SLOW

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Jackall’s Bambluz Jig, a specialized jig designed for slow fall action. This innovative jig enhances the transition response during the fall, commonly seen in bumbles jigs, and prolongs the flight time. With the Bambluz Jig, you can now entice fish that are not interested fast-falling jigs.

One of the key features of the Bambluz Jig is its unique body shape. It boasts an asymmetrical design, with one side overhanging and the other side cup-shaped. This design allows for a longer fall time, As a result, the jig remains in the bite zone longer increasing chances of triggering a bite. The versatility of the Bambluz Jig is another notable aspect. It is not limited to slow pitch actions but also performs exceptionally well with high-speed jigging techniques. The jig creates a floating sensation, as if it momentarily pauses in mid-air, The slow fall action of the Bambluz Jig proves effective for a wide range of fish species. Experience the difference with the Bambluz Jig.

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