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Majorcraft Giant Killing X BigGame

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The 2019 release of the Majorcraft Giant Killing Big Game features major changes to the range with new rod lengths added plus, updated cosmetics. It still stays true to the series’ focus, hard fighting offshore fish. The rods feature the new Fuji Silicon Slim K Frame guides bound onto a supremely strong and light blank. This offers an unbelievable feel in the hand while still delivering the low down power needed to stop big fish.

MCGXC-76M 7'6" 2pc PE2-4 20-80g
MCGXC-76PGXX 7'6" 2pc PE12max  max200g
MCGXC-77Hiramasa 7'7" 2pc PE3-6 60-100g
MCGXC-80Buri 8'0" 2pc PE2-5 25-80g
MCGXC-86Hiramasa 8'6" 2pc PE3-6 60-100g
MCGXC-86PG 8'6" 2pc PE
MCGXC-86Tuna 8'6" 2pc PE8max max120g
MCGXC-80PGX 8'0" 2pc PE10 max150g

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