Millerod EGI-D 862
Millerod EGI-D 862
Millerod EGI-D 862
Millerod EGI-D 862
Millerod EGI-D 862
Millerod EGI-D 862

Millerod EGI-D 862

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Ian has been a keen EGI angler for many years. His local fishing for southern calamari squid is mostly oceanic land-based and this has certain requirements for EGI fishing. One of the most important aspects of this fishing is being able to cast a reasonable distance to reach weed beds and reef structure that attract baitfish and provide squid the opportunity to ambush their prey.

These ‘sweet spots’ of squid fishing can often be scattered over large areas and often distant to accessible and safe land-based fishing platforms, so these longer casts need to be easily and repeatedly accomplished. This rod is designed to deliver such casting ability!

This ‘power’ style EGI - D rod is also ideal for the more aggressive types of retrieves as the longer rod and stiffer tip action imparts more lift to the lure. The mid-section of the rod loads quite easily to help with landing hooked squid. And the extra length also allows for more line clearance around the shallow margins which is always better for avoiding a snagged lure.

The EGI - D is also designed for squid lures in the larger sizes up to 4.0. These lures not only cast further but also fish a lot deeper and the longer rod gives better line and lure control at depth. Due to this lure manipulation ability it is also a great rod for fishing deep from a boat.

Over many years of fishing, Ian has been able to continually refine this rod design and is finally happy that this rod takes his fishing to the next level!

This blank is a custom blend of high modulus graphite to suit this specific action and power while also maintaining sensitivity and balance. The 2pc centre-ferrule blank construction means that transport and storage is now extremely easy.

The multi-guide train is a blend of the latest Fuji titanium guide frames with SiC ceramic. The stripper guide is the RV shape, which funnels line to a KR guide train in sizes down to semi-micro size. Ten guides + tip-top further enhance the overall smoothness of this rod performance.

Ian has opted for the Fuji VSS seat for the comfortable grip it provides to active lure retrieves. This is matched with an ergonomically shaped x-firm EVA fore grip, and an up-locking rear grip that offers hand support right where it’s needed to make aggressive lure manipulation easier. Finished off with a longer butt grip to add easy power to the cast, all finished with the ‘M’ logo anti-skid butt cap.

8'6" 2pc PE0.6-1.2  2.5-4.0 Cast

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