Nomad Design D-Trak 80 Deep Crank FLT FR

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The D-TRAK super deep diving and long casting crank-bait features the famous (pat. Pending) Auto Tune System that gives anglers a competitive advantage over all other deep cranks. The Auto Tune System ensures every lure tracks straight and importantly allows the D-TRAK to reach incredible depths. Reel as fast as humanly possible and D-TRAK will respond by digging deeper – you simply cannot over crank this bait!

The extra body action offered by the Auto Tune System means that the bait can be worked super slow and still reach incredible depths, or it can be power fished hard and fast when searching.

LENGTH 3-1/4"
WEIGHT 1-1/4oz
DEPTH 24ft
ACTION Floating
HOOKS FITTED BKK Spear EWG Wide Gap 1X Trebles #2

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