Pac Food Automatic Vac Sealer VS300
Pac Food Automatic Vac Sealer VS300
Pac Food Automatic Vac Sealer VS300

Pac Food Automatic Vac Sealer VS300

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Looking for a vacuum sealer which not only looks good, is automatic AND gives you a great result? The Pac Food VS300 is here! Our latest model vacuum sealer is so stylish and elegant it can be proudly displayed on your kitchen bench.

Just insert the bag (like a letter into a letterbox!) and the machine will start. This machine has a dual pump, smart touch buttons and a seal only function. Of course, it can be used with canisters. If you are using channel rolls, the VS300 has an inbuilt compartment for rolls, including a cutter.

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FEATURES include:

  • Stylish vertical space saving modern design
  • Smart touch buttons, auto-induction vacuum & seal system
  • Dual pump ensures more stable functions and faster vacuum speed
  • Optional motor speed
  • Optional vacuum mode for dry/moist food
  • With roll compartment and integrated safety cutting facility (does not hold Pac Food EMCR 280mm wide)
  • 3mm wide seal which prevents air leakage
  • Seal only function, can also seal normal bags such as the packaging bags for potato chips
  • Vacuum chamber is removable for easy cleaning
  • Vacuum pressure: -0.6~-0.85bar
  • Vacuum speed: 16L/min
  • Max bag sealing width: 300mm
  • Accessory port for storage canisters
  • 1 year warranty on all parts

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