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Pro Lure ST72S - TackleWest

Pro Lure ST72S

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The Pro Lure ST72S Minnow is slim bait fish profile jerk bait that dives to depths between 0.2-0.8mt deep. It weighs in at 5.2g and casts great. Crafted with the intent on becoming the go to lure for chasing black bream and trout, but knowing the its use for other species will be almost endless. We took our design to one of the worlds leading Japanese lure manufacturers to ensure the quality and workmanship would be second to none. The ST72 casts extremely well due to the Mag-Tune magnetic cast assist system shifting the weight and balance to the rear or the lure ensuring long casts over flats are a breeze. Buoyancy was key factor in the design and we opted to suspend the lure in fresh water and slow rise in salt allowing for maximum hang time. Bites are converted to hook ups via the super sharp premium Japanese Decoy Y-s25 trebles.

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