Razor Edge Scout 45

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The Scout45 has been a labor of love over the last few years. It's first design took over 2 years to complete and this new version "V2" has taken just shy of another year.

Why have we done this you may wonder? The answer is simple. We want the Scou45 to be the best. The best shallow diving lure, the best lure for cranking over rocks and allong shallow flats. In order to do this we had to change a few things.

The changes we made are;

1. Better quality plastic. We have changed to using Korean plastic. It's stronger and better quality than the previous model.

2. Changed the internal weight structure. We have redesigned the weight transfer system inside to give a more consistent result everytime WITHOUT fail.

3. Added internal "plugs" at more locations around the two shells. This results in a stronger body all round making it less prone to cracking if it hits rocks or bridges during casting.

4. Changed paint. Our new manufacturer uses much higher quality paint. You will also notice that some of the old colours have changed slightly.

5. The major change that you may notice is the slightly slimmer profile of the lure. This allowed us to keep the weight of the lure the same but change it's position in the water column.

6. The last notable change is that it is now a Slow Sink Scout45. This has a purpose. Have you ever noticed how baitfish feed on the bottom? Nose down, bum up. This is exactly what the Scout45 V2 does. Now with the slow sink version it stays on the bottom to imitate that feeding behaviour.



Length: 45mm

Weight: 4.5g

Style: Ultra Slow Sink

Depth: 1.2 (ish)

Hooks: BKK size 14

Action: Wide Wobble

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