Ripple Fisher Aquila
Ripple Fisher Aquila
Ripple Fisher Aquila
Ripple Fisher Aquila

Ripple Fisher Aquila

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The Ripple Fisher Aquila lineup has been brushed up so that the performance specialized in various situations can be demonstrated, including Hiramasa and yellowfin tuna games, which have been subdivided in recent years, and the current Ripple Fisher's technology has been poured in generously, never before I also tried to create a blank.

Aquila ST: A series that combines the basic and important factors required for casting games: cast, lure operation, ease of fishing, and fighting. The feeling of use is sharp, and if a load is applied by applying a fish, the fulcrum will move smoothly to the hand side, allowing the bat with a pool to be able to fight stably and not giving the fish the initiative. The lineup also includes three models in the PE3, 4 and 6 class, with models that can handle a variety of situations and targets.

Aquila MLT: A multi-purpose model that was born to capture the necessary conditions. New to capture big game with light tackle, designed to make full use of line strength by combining the conflicting elements of small lure's long throwing and operability, and catching big game without passing the initiative. It is a sensory rod. It is a model that can be called another culmination that complements the Ripple Fisher Offshore Rod lineup. 2/4 of the model notation means that the rod class is PE4 Max, and the tip feel is PE2 class model. (Tip PE3 class for 3/6 and bat PE6 class for 3/6)

Aquila MST: A series dedicated to monster class strategy that has been refined in order to aim at large hiramasa. The main concept of this game is to use a large lure and compete in the PE7-8 class line under conditions where Hiramasa prey on large baits such as dolphin, duck and flying fish. It is not just a hard rod, but by setting the bending fulcrum of the rod to the front, it has a followability that can easily cope with the sudden thrust peculiar to Hiramasa, and everyone can easily stand up by dropping the waist firmly The tone is easy to fight. * The + attached to the power class indicates that the design of the original power class is added to the stickiness and strength.

MLT 82-2/4 8'2" PE 2~4 Cast  30~70g 2pc
MLT 82-3/6 8'2" PE 3~6 Cast  40~90g 2pc
MST 711-8+ 7'11" PE 8 Cast  80~180g 2pc
MST 85-7+ 8'5" PE 7 Cast  40~120g 2pc
ST 80-4 8'0" PE 4 Cast  40~80g 2pc
ST 85-6 8'5" PE 6 Cast  40~110g  2pc

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