Ripple Fisher Ultimo
Ripple Fisher Ultimo
Ripple Fisher Ultimo
Ripple Fisher Ultimo

Ripple Fisher Ultimo

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In 2023, the Ultimo series has been reborn as an advanced boat casting rod series as Ripple Fisher's new innovation.

Casting games in recent years, which continue to evolve and change at a quick pace, have expanded the range of strategies while increasing the number of situation-specific rods while advancing diversification and subdivision. With the new Ultimo, in order to go against that trend, we have been developing with a focus on the high basic performance of the rod itself. A rod that is simple, light, and easier to cast than ever before with enhanced long-distance performance. This high-level basic performance is at the core of the new Ultimo.

The Ultimo series that has been released in 2023 are the 82ML, 83M, and 710MH. It is no exaggeration to say that Ripple Fisher's boat casting rod series is the pinnacle of Ripple Fisher's boat casting rod series.

The old Ultimo was a GT model that specialized in pencil operation, but the new Ultimo series is a model for both Kingfish and GT, which is indispensable for winning large fish with its light weight, high balance, light cast feel, and strong butt power. We pursued the improvement of "flying distance", which is the key to casting game strategy, while refining the performance that is not available. Experience the power of the new Ultimo series, which will widen the gap in the ever-evolving world of boat casting games.

82ML 8'2" PE6 Cast 70~120g 2pc
83M 8'3" PE7 Cast 80~140g 2pc
710MH 7'10" PE8 Cast 80~160g 2pc

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