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Varivas 10x10 Jigging PE - Tackle West

Varivas 10x10 Jigging PE

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Do you want the Best braid? Don't go past this!

The Varivas brand is one of the highest quality Japanese braids in the world today. Many top anglers consider this to be the most consistently smooth of all the PE braids brands and its because of this factor it's preferred by casting and jigging anglers. The Varivas Avani Jigging 10 x 10 Max Power is their flagship high grade jigging PE braid. It features 10 different colours every 10 meters, extremely thin for its PE rating, silky smooth texture, very strong and very reasonable price tag.

PE2 - 33lb

PE3 - 48lb

PE4 - 64lb

PE5 - 78lb

PE6 - 85lb