Vexed Bottom Meat Deluxe

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The new Vexed Bottom Meat is the first hybrid jig/bait system of its kind designed for filthy baito's who are wanting to gently thumb themselves into the world of artificial.

This "Thang" has been specifically designed to descend filthy big baits to the bottom with a high intensity glowing Vexed DHU BOMB head to attract the maximum amount of fish. This has so much more appeal than a conventional sinker rig and will catch more fish. Vexed Bottom Meat is fitted with a "Harbor Triple Murder Assist" rig which will wrap around the face of any fish that dares to eat it. For an extra bit or irresistible flashy appearance, add a harbor flashy occy head assist hook skirt and you will have an extremely attractive, smelly protein packed artificial offering. You can use any bait you like on this style of rig, we have found that fillet baits work great as do large squid and octopus tentacles. One tip we will give you is to make sure you use "Bait Buddy" cotton thread to secure the heads to the "Triple Murder Assist" so your baits last longer.

Click here for Bait Buddy Thread 

*Skirt colours assorted* *750g - 1kg Models do not come with skirt/circle hook*


Do you want to catch more big fish than your mates? Tie one on!

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