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Vexed Dhu Drop Bundle

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Pack 1 1x 80g, 1x 100g, 1x 130g, 1x 150g, 1x 200g
Pack 2 1x 80g, 1x 100g, 1x 130g, 1x 150g, 1x 200g, 1x 250g, 1x 300g
Pack 3 2x 80g, 2x 100g, 2x 130g, 2x 150g, 2x 200g, 2x 250g, 2x 300g
100g 6x Mixed Colour 1x Abalone -7pc total
130g 6x Mixed Colour 1x Abalone -7pc total
150g 6x Mixed Colour 1x Abalone -7pc total
200g 6x Mixed Colour 1x Abalone -7pc total


The Vexed Dhu Drop has been specifically designed to be fished slow and deep with the assistance of an Occy assist hook. This will be greatly improve visibility and you will achieve more solid internal jaw hookups as most fish will bite the occy head assist which is laced with two super sharp Harbor Pike hooks. Since being released these jigs have been a proven winner for us at Tackle West, they offer extremely good value for a quality product that works! The Vexed Dhu Drop jig is a great jig for using when there is a bit more current then usual and you need to get to the bottom quickly, due to the thin fat design they sink to the bottom without much resistance. Once the jig is on the bottom we find they work best when you work them relatively slow with long lifts and drops, making sure you have a pause between each jerk. If you are after a jig that works and doesn't break the bank then these are a must have in your bag!

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