Vexed Dhu Head

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If you love using soft plastics, you Have to try these!

The Vexed Dhu Head Jighead was designed simply because every lead head jig on the market is as "Boring As Bat Shit" to look at or "Weak As Piss" and will bend out on big fish. The Dhu Head has been specifically designed to be strong, visible and to sink soft plastics to the sea floor where demersal species dwell. 

The Vexed Dhu Head jighead has an "Under Chin Assist Point" to give you the option of attaching a Vexed Squid Dinger assist hook to the under side of the jig head. This will give the jig a whole lot more presence and will also hook a lot more smaller mouthed species such as snapper and baldchin grouper. 

If you haven't tried attaching an assist to the bottom of your jighead before then make sure you give it a shot as it is an extremely effective method. When the bite is shut down and the fish are only mouthing the lure you hardly miss a hookup. 

The best way of attaching an assist hook is via a solid ring and split ring, connecting via this way will allow you to de-rig and change assist hooks with ease. Use Harbor Egg Solid #7 & Harbor Split Ring #8 


20g, 40g, 60g, 80g comes in 2pk

110g, 150, 200g comes in 1pk 

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