Vexed Dhu Inchiku 2023 Colours
Vexed Dhu Inchiku 2023 Colours
Vexed Dhu Inchiku 2023 Colours

Vexed Dhu Inchiku 2023 Colours

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This is the LATEST release from local brand VEXED 

New colours for 2023

The Inchiku jig was developed by Japanese commercial snapper fisherman many decades ago. This technique involved fishing unattended rods in holders allowing a couple of anglers to use multiple outfits at the same time. The original inchiku jigs were 40g-100g, all the same colour, looked extremely simple and usually had tiny size 4 hooks. 

Introducing the VEXED DHU INCHIKU. How could we improve this style for Australian conditions? Firstly we made the DHU Inchiku heavier and more compact to get them down faster and deeper. Then we incorporated larger super sharp hooks to Peter suit our larger and stronger Aussie fish. Next we improved the old school PVC octopus assist by using our own more durable, scented, super stretchy, high intensity UV/Glow occy head assist. Add this super occy to our range of proven Vexed Bottom Meat colour patterns and you have the BEST inchiku ever made!

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