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Vexed Dhu Slow Bundle

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The DHU SLOW comes ready to fish with one of our specially designed durable, scented, super stretchy, highly intensity UV/Glow Vexed Occy Head Assists. Add this super occy to our range of proven Vexed Bottom Meat colour patterns and you will be outfitting your mates with the BEST pre rigged slow jig on the market. 

Assorted colours supplied 

Pack 1 1x 80g, 1x 100g, 1x 140g, 1x 180g
Pack 2 1x 80g, 1x 100g, 1x 140g, 1x 180g, 1x220g
Pack 3 1x 80g, 1x 100g, 1x 140g, 1x 180g, 1x 220g, 1x 270g
Pack 4  2x 140g, 2x 180g, 2x 220g, 2x 270g
80g 7pc 80g Mixed Colours
100g 7pc 100g Mixed Colours
140g 7pc 140g Mixed Colours
180g 7pc 180g Mixed Colours
220g 7pc 220g Mixed Colours


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