Vexed Fisherman Cooler
Vexed Fisherman Cooler
Vexed Fisherman Cooler

Vexed Fisherman Cooler

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The Vexed Fisherman Cooler Fibreglass boxes are handmade moulded fibreglass coolers, with a high density polyurethane core giving the box its excellent insulating qualities. For the astute angler that demands their bait to be as fresh as possible all day long. With a lightweight aluminium handle with soft touch EVA handle for comfortable transportation. It also features a Polypropylene lid for bait and rigging preparation, these Coolers are set to appeal to both shore and boat based anglers for bait, catch and food storage, and keep the contents cool and fresh all day long. There is also a 1.5L bait belt bucket for those that want the best!

The moulds are polished repeatedly by hand before a releasing agent is applied to the mould. The mould is then gel coated before the laminating takes place. Once the lamination is complete and allowed to cure enough, the moulds are then bolted together then the foam is poured in. The foam expands rapidly causing a very high density filling. The box is then left to cure in the mould for a period of time before it is removed. Once removed it is checked and trimmed of any flashing on the edges.

It is then sealed on the seam and each box is individually polished. Each lid is adjusted and trimmed to fit the box before a final inspection is done and then packed.

The same process applies to the making of the fibreglass lids. The fisherman lids are cut from HDPE (Poly Propylene) plastic on a jig and then fitted with the appropriate EVA foam which creates the seal between the box and the lid.

 The lid is perfect for preparing baits and setting up a rigging station for when wrapping baits in Bait Cotton.  It’s also fantastic for your cheese and crackers on a weekend picnic!

The boxes are available in 4,6,8,10,12,18,20 and 25litres

4LT – 1.45kg                                                         6LT – 1.8kg


H: 16CM                      H: 12CM                           H: 20CM                       H: 17.5CM

L: 29CM                       L: 24CM                           L: 35.5CM                     L: 30.5CM

W: 20CM                     W: 15CM                          W: 20CM                       W:15CM

8LT – 2.37kg                                                        10LT – 2.66kg


H: 23CM                      H: 17CM                           H: 22.8CM                     H: 16CM

L: 35CM                       L: 29CM                           L: 50CM                         L: 43.5CM

W: 24CM                     W: 17.5CM                       W: 24.5CM                     W: 17.5CM

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