Yamaga Blanks 88 Chain
Yamaga Blanks 88 Chain

Yamaga Blanks 88 Chain

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Celebrating 15 years since the launch of the Yamaga Blanks brand, we are launching a special rod into the world. It is a model that will be the culmination of the technology we have accumulated so far, and we want to create a wedge that connects our manufacturing so far with what we should aim for in the future. is a fruitful model.
The concept is "a high-performance one that connects fields".
The trigger for development was the shore greens from offshore. If you want to aim for small migratory fish, rock fish, squid, and blackfin seabass if you have bleach, the number of rods will increase. go up. So, "I want to make the ultimate sub rod that is active on the shore in order to aim for something other than the favorite", and this was the start.
There were many twists and turns until the final model of development, but in the pursuit of high performance in power, lightness, and cast performance, the concept was changed from the original sub-rod on the beach to breakwaters, harbors, rivers, and surfs. It expanded to something that could complement the space between the fields. And while connecting the field like a chain, it was completed as a rod that you want to take anywhere.
It is the latest design of Yamaga Blanks' technology system, and it is a model that can be sent out with confidence that it is a rod that maximizes the performance of the greatly evolved PE line and the drag performance of the latest reel.
This rod does not enter any lineup and constitutes a series with one.
It is also a model that embodies the concept of Yamaga Blanks, and we named it "YAMAGA BLANKS 88 CHAIN" with our hope that it will be a model that connects the past and the future, and the field with the field like a chain.
While pursuing the favorite target with the main rod, with the YB 88 CHAIN, I seriously enjoy everything in the field that day. Please enjoy the results of our pursuit of performance for that purpose.

88 Chain PE 0.8~2   Lure: 8~40g

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