Yamaga Blanks Galahad
Yamaga Blanks Galahad
Yamaga Blanks Galahad

Yamaga Blanks Galahad

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YAMAGA Blanks rebuild Galahad series as a new generation of jigging rod in 2019.
New Galahad have been designed to adjust modernistic jigging scene with techniques and skills which have been accumulated for a long time period.
There are so many choices of Metal jig recently to be adjusted various situation of various area of water in the world. Jigging anglers of all over the world who faced tough situation very often are required capabilities to accommodate yourself to it.
We have pursued capabilities such as manipulate ability, flexibility of tip section, toughness of butt section for new Galahad series to reflect your skills and techniques easily.
We present you 5 kind of spinning models and 4 kind of over head models to cover every jigging situations.
622S,633S and 634S have been loaded flexible tip section to let jig swim naturally and moderate repulsive force on belly and butt section to let jig move rhythmically.
585S and 526S high elasticity to let jig move speedy and aggressively when you jerk vertically.
We have succeeded to load high sensitivity to sense small vital information, ease of manipulation to reduce physical burden and high speed of response to transfer your input power. You can jerk both short and long strokes as you wish easily.

526S Spin MAX PE 6   Jig MAX 350g
585S Spin MAX PE 5 Jig MAX 280g
623B O/H MAX PE 3 Jig MAX 200g
624B O/H MAX PE 4 Jig Max 250g
633S Spin MAX PE 3 Jig Max 180g
634S Spin MAX PE 4 Jig MAX 220g

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