Yamaga Blanks Seawalk Cast Jigging SS
Yamaga Blanks Seawalk Cast Jigging SS
Yamaga Blanks Seawalk Cast Jigging SS

Yamaga Blanks Seawalk Cast Jigging SS

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A new series "Seawalk Cast Jigging 'Swim & Skip'" will be added to the light jigging series "Seawalk" for inshore boat games.
It is a series that pursues performance to efficiently explore a wide range by casting metal jigs, plugs, jig heads, etc., and two models which is different power classes, 71ML and 73M are lined up.
By adjusting it so that it can be used with various lures while also supporting the high-speed winding style of metal jigs with blades, we have completed a series that can be enjoyed targeting a variety of fish in a wide range of water depths in whole season.
The performances common to both models are the long casting performance with over & under casting, and stable reeling performance. And the rod design is easy to handle regardless of the size of the boat, from kayaks to pleasure boats and recreational fishing boats.
The 71ML is a casting model that emphasizes smooth winding and stable reeling from low speed to high speed.
The 73M is a casting model that you can cast and jerk your lure easily and briskly.
It is a series aiming at multiple targets by capturing a wide range and all layers of waters by letting lure "swim" (just winding) and the letting lure "skip" (lift and fall, wind, etc.) on the bottom of the sea. The main concept is to enjoy a fishing from the boat simply and easily.
Furthermore, by combining this cast jigging model with a light jigging model and a Tai rubber model that aims right under the boat vertically, the possibilities of coastal boat games will be greatly expanded, and a new light jigging style will be able to explore.

71ML 7'1" Max 60g Max PE 1.5 2pc
73M 7'3" Max 80g Max PE 2.0 2pc

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