Zenaq Bamboo Work

Zenaq Bamboo Work

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Bamboo Work

ZENAQ’s Bamboo Work line is our love letter to traditional Japanese bamboo rod design. Without a doubt our most elegant rods, each meticulously crafted blank is adorned with exquisite bamboo-inspired artwork, rich golden reel seats, and wood handles that are flawlessly polished to display their dazzling natural grain. Coming straight from the souls of our artisans, each made-to-order Bamboo Work rod imbues every moment on the water with an unforgettable effervescence.

Astra 76

A delicate yet surprisingly versatile rod, the ASTRA 76 has a super sensitive tip capable of whipping even the smallest jigs and plugs. That same tip provides unparalleled feedback, so should the fish sneeze on your lure, you’ll know it. Nonetheless, the butt section reserves enough power to bring the fight to the feistiest of small game.

RG Guide System

RG guide model is the ZENAQ flagship guide model.
It’s a sophisticated guide system which brings out full potential of spinning tackles ultimately.
It’s an essence of the best rod.
RG guide model is for someone who pursue the best fishing rod.


7'6" Cast 0.3-10g PE 0.2〜0.6
8'7" Egi 2.5〜3.5 PE 0.4〜1.5

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