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Zenaq Ikari Jigging

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 The new FOKEETO IKARI is a super elastic offshore jigging rod, featuring ZENAQ’s novel proprietary technology: the “IKARI Blank”. Until now, blanks this thin have never had the lightening-fast recovery or extreme durability of the IKARI, which make them ideal for all types of jigging. No longer do anglers have to bring a variety of rods with them in order to properly work different types of jigs; IKARI rods excel at working all types of jigs, from slow and short to semi-long and even long jigs. IKARI rods also allow anglers to chase larger fish with smaller and lighter set-ups due to the blanks’ unprecedented elastic limits. With these rods, fatigue and missed hits are concerns of the past; ultralight, ultra-sensitive, and ultra-strong, these rods are designed to maximize your enjoyment of the offshore jigging experience.

Note: Due to our distribution agreement with Zenaq, we are unable to supply their rods outside of Australia and New Zealand. We apologise for any inconvenience to our International customers!

Model Reel type Length
Lure WT
Line WT
FB63-3 IKARI Baitcasting 6' 3" ~170(Short) ~240(Long) PE 0.8~2
FB64-5 IKARI Baitcasting 6' 4" ~210(Short) ~280(Long) PE 1.5~2.5
NEW FB55-10 IKARI Baitcasting 5'5" ~320 PE 4~6
NEW FS55-10 IKARI Spinning 5'5" ~320 PE 4~6

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