Yamaga Blanks Early for Rock
Yamaga Blanks Early for Rock
Yamaga Blanks Early for Rock

Yamaga Blanks Early for Rock

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The Early For Rock series is Yamaga Blanks' idea of ​​a rockfish game. This is a series that pursues In addition to balancing strength and lightness, we have worked out a blank design that emphasizes not only hardness but also responsiveness in restoring bends to catch the fish's running, reeling in at once and floating.
The tip, which has moderate tension and delicacy, has high sensitivity performance that can more clearly sense changes, and has versatility to respond to diversifying rigs and fishing methods. Rockfish games are still evolving day by day. The types and habits of rockfish from all over Japan are very different. The fixed concept that rockfish hit the bottom does not apply. The secret to chasing these attractive targets is to have a free style while trying out tackles and methods. In order not to deprive the angler of his imagination, the cast performance, lure operation performance, and power are cooked and balanced to match the rock game.

86MH PE1~2 Lure: 7~40g
104H PE 1~3 Lure: 15~60g

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