Black Pete Full Bait Needle Kit

Black Pete Full Bait Needle Kit

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Black Pete's Bait Rigging Needles are made of stainless steel and come in three useful sizes to suit a variety of different bait rigging scenarios. The ten-centimeter model is ideal for mullet, garfish, slimy mackerel, and the like, the 15-centimeter needle will handle scad, queenfish and small tuna, and the jumbo 21-centimeter version is perfect for large tuna, scaly mackerel, and rainbow runners. The needle eyelets are flattened and slim in profile, so as not to make too big a hole in the bait, and the points are nice and sharp, so they easily penetrate gristle and bone. 

Kit JB-RK6

1x Pouch

2 X 6" Light Bait Needle

2 X 8" Light Bait Needle

2 X 6" STD Bait Needle

2 X 8" STD Bait Needle

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