Cranka Vibe 40mm

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VIBE 40mm

The CRANKA Vibe is a 40mm small, vibrating, lipless crankbait that was originally designed for Bream, but has proven its effectiveness on a much wider variety of fish species! This lure features a slower sink rate than many similar style lures on the market resulting in more time in the strike zone! The real benefit of this design is its versatility! It can be slow rolled or ripped through super shallow water, it can be fished in deep water with either a slow roll or hopped across the bottom with a lift and drop style retreive... it can even be fished in mid water to fish that might be suspended up off the bottom. The angling techniques are not limited with this lure. The CRANKA 40mm Vibe is available in a range of natural prey item colours.


  • 40mm Vibrating Lipless Crankbait.
  • Weighs 4.5 Grams.
  • Sinking.
  • Subtle Vibrating Swimming Action with Erratic Falling Action on the Drop.
  • Fitted with Highest Quality Japanese Trebles and Split Rings.
  • Fishable in a wide range of depths.
  • Available in 10 Natural Colours.

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