Daiwa 22 Exist Pre Order - Tackle West
Daiwa 22 Exist Pre Order - Tackle West
Daiwa 22 Exist Pre Order - Tackle West

Daiwa 22 Exist LT

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DAIWA’s innovative mindset and craftsmanship has combined over the last 60 years to create reels you can use with absolute confidence.

The future of Spinning Reels is now here showcasing the brand new latest technology.

A reel you can own with pride, that’s 22EXIST.

DAIWA’s latest technology MONOCOQUE BODY is made by an integral molding system to create a rigid one piece body. By removing the traditional screws used to attach the sideplate, internal space is maximised within the gear housing. The MQ BODY uses a large diameter engine plate to screw on to the body to seal the internals. The extra space created in the MONOCOQUE BODY allows DAIWA to install a larger diameter drive gear into a smaller size reel. This system instantly creates the more durable reel inside and out.

The drive gear within any reel is made from 3 key elements which cannot be missed. (Design Creativity, Processing Technology and Premium Quality Material)

22 EXIST consists of all 3 key elements.

The latest digital analysis and machine cut technology is used to create a perfect surface on each tooth of the drive gear. By using the latest premium Duralumin material, precision designs deliver an incredibly smooth rotation quality.

During the design process of 22 EXIST key areas for water ingress were analyzed. The introduction of MQ body prevents water intrusion within the body, whilst areas of rotation or areas frequently exposed to water have been equipped with MAGSEALED/MAGSEALED BALL BEARING technology. Sections of the reel which are not key rotational areas are equipped with strong rubber seals. Anglers will come to understand this level of quality from 22 EXIST.


New ATD TYPE-L drag technology improves the initial drag system response. Lowering the peak drag max upon hook setting. Light tackle fishing especially requires a responsive and sensitive adjustment of the drag

22 Exist LT2000S-P 12/1 5kg 4.9 PE 0.4-200m 155g
22 Exist LT2500S 12/1 5kg 5.1 PE 0.6-200m 160g
22 Exist LT2500S-DH 12/1 5kg 5.1 PE 0.6-200m 170g
22 Exist LT2000D-P (G) 12/1 5kg 4.9 PE 0.8-300m 155g
22 Exist LT2500 (G) 12/1 5kg 5.1 PE 0.8-200m 165g
22 Exist LT2500-XH (G) 12/1 5kg 6.2 PE 0.8-200m 165g
22 Exist PC LT2500D (G) 12/1 10kg 5.2 PE 1.2-300m 175g
22 Exist LT3000D (G) 12/1 10kg 5.2 PE 1.5-300m 180g
22 Exist LT4000D (G) 12/1 10kg 5.2 PE 2.0-300m 205g
22 Exist LT4000-XH (G) 12/1 10kg 6.2 PE 1.5-200m 205g
22 Exist LT5000D-C (G) 12/1 10kg 5.2 PE 2.5-300m 210g
22 Exist LT5000D-CXH (G) 12/1 10kg 6.2 PE 2.5-300m 210g

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