Daiwa Bream Starter Pack

Daiwa Bream Starter Pack

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Looking to get started targeting bream on lures and don't know where to start? Let us take the confusion out of it for you and get you started with all the must have bream lures you need! This pack features a selection of shallow to deep diving lures to cover a variety of situations. Pack comes with a Meiho Reversible lure tray. 

*Lure colours will vary, we will give you a selection of the best colours 

Pack 1
  • 1x Meiho D86
  • 1x Rolling Crank DR
  • 1x Spike 44MR
  • 1x Double Clutch 48SP
  • 1x Double Clutch 60SP
  • 1x Kodachi 40SP
Pack 2
  • 1x Meiho D86
  • 2x Rolling Crank DR
  • 2x Spike 44MR
  • 2x Double Clutch 48SP
  • 2x Double Clutch 60SP
  • 2x Kodachi 40SP
Pack 3   
  • 1x Meiho D86
  • 3x Rolling Crank DR
  • 3x Spike 44MR
  • 3x Double Clutch 48SP
  • 3x Double Clutch 60SP
  • 3x Kodachi 40SP

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