Halco Fish Ring Plier - Tackle West
Halco Fish Ring Plier - Tackle West

Halco Fish Ring Pliers

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The Halco Tackle Split Ring Pliers are an extremely unique set of pliers that work exceptionally well for changing hooks and rings. The pliers don't feature the standard "tooth" like most split ring tools, however they feature two cutout groves which force open the ring. At first glance you would think that these pliers will not open many different sized split rings, but they surprisingly work fantastic. From small rings in sizes #4 up to #9 these small little pliers will have you covered! 

Made out of hardened tool steel, the useful life of the product outdoors will be extended by rinsing in fresh water if it has been immersed in salt water, and applying a light coating of spray oil to the steel parts.


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