Ripple Fisher Real Crescent
Ripple Fisher Real Crescent
Ripple Fisher Real Crescent
Ripple Fisher Real Crescent
Ripple Fisher Real Crescent

Ripple Fisher Real Crescent

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The Ripple Fisher Real Crescent series has sharpened its simple basic performance in order to enjoy light games more deeply. While it is centered on operability and sensitivity enough to deeply pursue the game with a jighead alone, it realizes a fusion of power that can also be enjoyed by chinoo and rockfish games. While it is a feeling of use that does not make the angler feel addictive in the hand, we thoroughly paid attention to the comfort of use so that the characteristics of the sharp and powerful blank become clear every time you get used to it.
With its Ripple-like sensitivity, nimbleness, and beautiful vent curves and power, New Real Crescent is a new level of basic light game model that responds to the skills of anglers without compromising the freedom of light games.

The lineup is also carefully selected, and there are a total of 7 models in total, 4 spinning models and 3 bait models. All of them have high general-purpose performance and have the potential to expand the possibilities of light games in a wide variety of fields. Please aim for the next light game stage with Real Crescent.

RC-57B 5'7" Pe0.2~0.5 Cast 0.5~5g 2pc
RC-67B 6'7" Pe0.3~0.6 Cast  0.8~8g 2pc
RC-77B 7'7" Pe0.4~0.8 Cast  2~15g 2pc
RC-55S 5'5" Pe0.2~0.4 Cast  0.2~3g 2pc
RC-65S 6'5" Pe0.2~0.4  Cast  0.3~6g 2pc
RS-75S 7'5" Pe0.3~0.8 Cast  2~14g 2pc
RC81-S 8'1" Pe0.4~0.8 Cast  2~17g  2pc

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