Saltiga 22 Slow Pitch Jigging Combo

Saltiga 22 Slow Pitch Jigging Combo

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The best Slow Pitch Jigging reel on the market to date is the Saltiga 22 15H. Built to perfection with an ultra smooth and powerful drag system. The reel features an ergonomical body design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for the best balance. Holding up to 400mt of PE3 braided line, this reel is matched perfectly to the Nomad Slow Pitch Jigging Rod. This rod is ideal for jigging and deep water vibing with the Nomad Vertrex vibes. Reel come spooled with Nomad Panderra PE3 400mt

  1. Reel - Daiwa Saltiga 22 15H
  2. Rod - Nomad Slow Pitch Jig 62-2/4
  3. Braid - Nomad Amonite PE3 300yd

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