Vexed Triple Occy Assist

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Thew VEXED TRIPLE OCCY BAIT ASSIST has been designed as an upgrade, swap out part for the Vexed Bottom Meat. The Glow Occy imitates a juvenile octopus that has ventured too far out from its hole. Couple this with a stinking, bleeding, oily fish bait, squid or octopus leg threaded onto the triple assist hooks. You will have a very attractive offering for a range of hungry bottom feeders. The Super Stretchy Vexed Occy Head Skirt has been developed using the latest "Stretch Flex" plastic technology making it the toughest, stretchiest and most durable plastic on the market. These little Occy's are also packed with Glow & UV. To make them even more irresistible, we have had them impregnated with scientifically proven amino based pheromone attractant called "Bottom Scent" that will attract fish to the bait. Once they get bit, the fish will not want to let go! 

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