Yo-Zuri Aurie Q 3D Prism 4.0
Yo-Zuri Aurie Q 3D Prism 4.0

Yo-Zuri Aurie Q 3D Prism 4.0

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  • The reflected light of the inner sheet becomes a natural light with a sense of life through the lens and invites squid.
  • Uses a blue luminous eye with a light wavelength (488 nm) that is easy for squids to detect. The wavelength of blue luminous is added to the light wavelength of the body produced by "3D Prism x Half Ghost ® Cloth", and the effect of W attracts squid.
  • 3D prism shrimp lens that produces a life-like light
  • Vertical eye Horizontal eye is good. Produces irregular action and switches on predation on squids.
  • Prevents thread twist even in various squid fishing aimed at by boat fishing.
  • A straight trick hook with a high rooting recovery rate is mixed with a round shape that makes it difficult to disassemble the squid.

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