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Zenaq Defi Muthos

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We released our first rockshore rod over 20 years ago. MUTHOS was developed to satisfy the most dedicated anglers who are passionate about shore fishing for big fish. Because there was no rod specifically for this purpose, we explored new rods and fishing methods through a series of trial and error, making numerous prototypes and testing them many times. We avoided flashy designs and removed all unnecessary parts to focus on the essence of our ambitious ideas. The result of this long process was MUTHOS, a genuinely useful rockshore rod.

Note: Due to our distribution agreement with Zenaq, we are unable to supply their rods outside of Australia and New Zealand. We apologise for any inconvenience to our International customers!

Model Length (ft) Lure WT Min~Max (g) Line WT (PE)
NEW Sonio 93M
9'3" Jig 10〜100
Plug 10〜70
PE 1〜3
Sonio 100M
K / RG
10'0" Jig 10〜100
Plug 10〜70
PE 1〜3
Accura 100H
K / RG
10'0" Jig 30〜200
Plug 30〜120
PE 2〜5
Accura 100HH
K / RG
10'0" Jig 60〜230
Plug 40〜150
PE 3〜6
Accura 100HHH 10'0" Jig 80〜250
Plug 60〜200
PE 4〜10
Duro 100H Pencil
K / RG
10'0" Plug 30〜100

PE 3〜5
Accura 100H Bait model 10'0" Jig 30〜200
Plug 30〜120
PE 2〜5

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