Zman Heroz 10 - TackleWest
Zman Heroz 10 - TackleWest
Zman Heroz 10 - TackleWest
Zman Heroz 10 - TackleWest

Zman Heroz 10

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Ten inches of 10X Tough! HeroZ are a super-sized jerk bait that is ideal for a wide range of big fish applications. Its buoyant ElaZtech construction makes it perfect for everything from walking across the surface, through to weighting it to fish the depths, where its buoyancy and super-soft construction brings it to life on a jighead or paternoster rig. When retrieved at speed the HeroZ have a life-like, snaking swimming action that has already proven effective on tuna, cobia, trevally, mackerel and more.

Unlike other slug-style plastics the HeroZ is 10X Tough to stand up to brutal strikes and hard fought battles, making it a go-to when chasing toothies or fishing through schools of toothy species to access fish holding deeper. Whether it's kingfish, tuna, mackerel, cobia, trevally and other pelagic species or fishing deep for snapper, dhufish, coral trout and other reefies, the 10" HeroZ is sure to attract their attention and entice the bite. Fish on!

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